Your Support Matters

Your contributions of time, energy, goods, services and money directly benefit Nova students. With your financial contribution, you are supporting innovative community and student programming. Contributions of education-related goods and services support our staff and teachers. Your engagement with work groups and the Steering Committee strengthens the Nova Roots community.
It all matters.

Ways to Support Nova:

  • Annual Fund Donation: Nova’s annual costs are $125 per student. These funds pay for:

    • Textbooks and teaching materials

    • Part or all of some teacher salaries for the more unusual or in-depth classes

    • Artists in Residence

    • Field trips

    • Student Activity Committees

    • Parent/guardian education programs

  • Ongoing/One-Time Donations: Fund Nova Roots and the student-run Budget Committee.

  • Wish List: Staff and teacher needs for educational goods and services.

  • Nova Roots: Get involved in a Nova Roots Neighborhood Group, Work Group or Steering Committee. Teach a class at NovaCon or check out our other volunteer opportunities.

  • Sign up for the newsletter.

  • Come to an event and have fun!