Community work group

The Community Work Group focuses on building and strengthening our community in a variety of ways.

Opportunities include Alumni Outreach, Social Justice Projects, Nova High School Projects, Event Planning and Advocacy.

If you’re interested in working on any of these projects or have ideas for new ones, please contact us.


community work group facilitator

Provide support and leadership to the Community Work Group.

Alumni outreach

Nova has been educating students for almost 50 years and we want to strengthen our relationships with our amazing alumni! Here are some project ideas that have been suggested:

  • Create a database of alumni with contact information

  • Send out an alumni survey

    • What’s life been like after Nova?

    • Invite to participate in Nova Roots

  • Work with alumni to write a monthly newsletter feature

  • Invite our alumni to community events

  • Fundraising outreach

  • Collect testimonies for website and marketing materials

  • Recruit to be visiting Instructors at NovaCon and other teaching opportunities

  • Reunion Art Share participation at Novaplosion on 11/7

Social Justice Projects

Nova has a deep commitment to social justice and equity. This group will work with a staff representative to support Nova’s priorities. Possible projects include:

  • Women’s Prison Library

  • Support for POC Family Dinner on 10/24

  • Support for Racial Justice Day: 12/13 (A day of seminars and community workshops on Racial Justice)

  • Anti-racism trainings for Nova Roots Community

  • Support Student Racial Justice Inquiry Showcase Events on 1/17, 3/20 and 5/22

  • Other projects

Nova High School Projects

  • Turn computer lab into Nova Roots Community Space

  • Volunteer in Office in mornings from 8 – 10AM to support Karen

  • Wish List requests from staff and teachers

  • Other projects

Event planning

  • Event Planning (work with other committees)

    • Nova Neighborhood Parties - September/October

    • Novaplosion Community Art Share - Nov 7th

    • Teacher Appreciation Weeks

    • Mark’s Celebration Event– 1st Week of May, 2020

    • End of Year Celebration

    • Other events

  • Online Nova Book Club


  • City Council: Build relationships with City Council members

  • School Board: Attend school district meetings on a regular basis and connect with members

  • Greater Seattle Business Association - build relationship, set up meeting and bring students to learn about what they could do to help us be more sustainable

  • Partnerships with other community organizations