Alumni Tres Leches: Redefining Seattle Music

Tres Leches - Nova alumni Zander Yates and Alaia D'Alessandro with Ulises Mariscal - were included in KUOW’s recent article Beyond Grunge: 15 Artists Redefining Seattle Music. Congratulations to Tres Leches and a big thank you to Zander for coordinating the music and AIAIA for performing at this year’s Novaplosion. Stay tuned for the 3rd Annual Novaplosion in Fall 2019!

Seattle band Tres Leches. What Are You Doing. Film Crew: Ace Wilson, Ulises Mariscal, Anonymous


When translated from Spanish to English, Amorfo means changeable, amorphous. That's not just the name of Seattle punk trio Tres Leches' debut album, but also its entire M.O. During their riotously fun shows, members Alaia D'Alessandro, Zander Yates and Ulises Mariscal frequently switch instruments on stage. Their songs are bilingual diatribes, skeptical of capitalism and invested in the power of community. Describing their brand of punk requires a lot of prefixes like art-, pop- and noise-; the band even has an incredible ska-punk iteration of the Leadbelly children's song "Ha-Ha This Away." Few bands in Seattle are as thrillingly unpredictable. --Martin Douglas