Meeting Notes: Oct 9

Nova Roots Meeting Notes

Date: Oct. 9

Next Meetings: 

·      Wednesday, 10/23 at 4pm at Nova

·      Tuesday, 11/5 from 6 – 8pm at Nova

Key Decisions/Questions/Project Updates:

Coffee Sponsorship:  We’re working on a sponsorship for Nova from Kaladi Coffee (!  This means a year of free coffee for events, teacher appreciation weeks, etc.  Kaladi also has a community center space we can use for events.  If we’re approved, we’ll get a contact name that we can use to reach out when we have a need. Just need to give them a week or two of notice. 

Alumni Outreach:  We have a plan!   Our goal is to complete the following in the next two weeks by our next NR meeting on Wednesday, 10/23:

o  Create a Google database and form we can send out to alumni.

o   Write an outreach email for alumni members.

o   Make an alumni page for the website and put the form up there too.  We could send the web link out to alumni to get them engaged with Roots.

o   We can ask all the alumni we know to fill out the form and pass the email on to any of the Nova alumni they’re still in touch with – let’s talk more about how to do this at our next meeting.

o   How do we compile a list of known alumni to send the email to and ask them to pass it on? 

Novaplosion Community Art Share - Tuesday, 12/10

o   We think the event should be called “Novaplosion Community Art Share”


  • Concerned about the acoustics in the cafeteria, wondering if it would be better at an outside venue?  

  • Should we put a flyer for Novaplosion in each Coor teacher’s box and ask them to make the announcement in the next week?

  • Send out the invitation to perform in the newsletter

Event Elements

  • Visual Art Share

  • Performance

  • Art for Sale

  • Craft Tables

  • Snacks

  • Merch

  • Collecting donations through A4E website

    Legacy Documentation:

o   Students report being trepidatious about getting involved because they’re unsure about working with parents

o   We’d like to start working on the legacy documentation, including a set of rules for engagement and Nova Roots Norms.  We need to create rules of engagement for parents from a student perspective, focusing on how best to support students.  This info could also be useful from a parent ed perspective.

o   We’ll also ask Nova Knows if they’d like to put them up on the blog.  

o   Get Nova Norms and put them up on the website.

Agenda for next meeting:

Steering Committee

o   Legacy Documentation

o   How to recruit students and staff?


o   Alumni Outreach

o   Novaplosion


o   Login options for next evening meeting – 2 way call or video?


o   Family Consent Workshop on 11/14

o   Food Bank check in


o   Check in on Kladi Coffee sponsorship

Meeting Notes: Oct 1

Meeting Date: Tuesday Oct. 1

Next Meetings:  

·      Wednesday, 10/9 and 10/23 at 4pm at Nova

·      Tuesday, 11/5 from 6 – 8pm at Nova

Key Decisions & Announcements:

·      Hold evening Roots meetings at Nova with 2 way conference call dial in option

·      Halloween Dance on 10/25

·      Family Consent Workshop on 11/14

·      Novaplosion Art Share/Craft Sale moving to Tuesday, 12/10

·      Roots would like to hold family education workshops – follow up at next meeting

·      Roots wants to survey teachers to find out what would be meaningful for Teacher Appreciation days.  Would this best come from Mothership?    

Monthly Meeting Times: 

·      Meet at Nova and broadcast so people can join:

  • 1:45pm T/Th Committee Meetings

  • 4pm Wed Meetings at 4pm 2 x a month,

  • 6pm meeting at Nova 1st Tuesday of every month

Meeting Notes:

  • Intros with names, pronouns and favorite dessert

  • Need to have evening meeting over Zoom or other real time technology to dial in, Jerry may be able to advise.

What Makes Nova Different?

·      Nova is a democratic school

·      Decisions are made via a system of committees in charge of the decisions in the school

·      Governing Committees

o   Mothership is responsible for overseeing the Committees and Roots

o   Decision-making matrix is used for all choices

o   Every decision about the school goes through the committee system

o   This system makes it easy for students to get involved and have their voice heard

Nova Roots Overview:

·      History

o   Disconnect between students and traditional PTSA model

o   This structure wasn’t working for Nova for a wide range of reasons

o   Last year was first year without formal PTA

o   Feedback received from families and students – not strong enough connection with families, different ways to connect

·      Intentions

o   Democratic

o   Serve as a root system for the Committees and students

o   Focus on supporting Nova Committees

o   Interactive - hope adults from Roots will come to Nova and interact with Committees, and students will come to the evening meetings when they can


·      All $ raised by Nova Roots will go into Alliance for Education account

·      Student budget committee determines how the money will be spent

·      Mothership Committee will connect with Committees and get back to us with information and/or next steps

·      Mothership student liaison will attend Roots day and evening meetings when available


Key Positions on Steering Committee needs:

·      Newsletter: Send out weekly email using MailChimp, automated system

·      Advocacy and relationship building with School Board, City Council

·      Finance: track statements, Alliance for Education, working with Budget Committee

·      Fundraising, Grant writing

·      Front Office volunteering

·      Tech Committee – Need an adult to help run it, 1 x week (T or Th) – 1:40 to 2:30 or 2:30 – 4

·      Novaplosion – move to December 10th

Consent Day – Nov. 15

·      Hoping to have students and providers facilitate Consent workshops for families on Nov. 14th

·      Medical consent

o   Mental Health

o   Reproductive Health

o   Drugs and Alcohol

o   Gender Care

Want to offer additional parent education opportunities throughout the year to provide support and communication skills


  • Upcoming Events and Projects:

    • Halloween Dance – Friday, Oct 25th

    • Novaplosion - December 10th

    • Teen Health Center

      • Experts will be able to come in and facilitate communication

      • Will start as part time clinic for Nova students, evolve into evening clinic for students